Who’s It GONNA BE!?

Hi Everyone, –


I just have to share this with you… When I joined Stampin Up it was just to get the great 20% discount on products. I was a HUGE scrapbooker. And I was SICK TO DEATH of going to other craft stores and having to buy their paper at $.59 a sheet! UGH! So my dear friend and partner in crime said “Why don’t you become a demonstrator, then you can get the 20% off for paper..” BRILLIANT!

Would you believe I had never stamped anything. LOL, It’s true. So I became a demo… for the discount…. MY MATH: $6.95 for a pack of 8 1/2 x 11 Cardstock, divided by 24 equals .28 cents a sheet… BARGAIN… WELL THAN YOU take 20% off of that….and it works out to .23 cents a sheet FOR PAPER… The biggest benefit beyond the cost for me was I COULD GET THE SAME COLOR. No more running to a store to desperately try and find a color of paper that I was in the middle of using on layout and ran out of. Finally it would just be easy to have a decent quantity of the same color of cardstock.

Well that’s where it started! AND NOW I am a full blown demo! Doing workshops, hosting stamp clubs,etc. I LOVE DOING THIS BUSINESS… It just fits me!

SO TODAY – Here is my offer. I am ready to start a team. The first person today to sign up to become a demonstrator on my team will get a $50 SHOPPING SPREE FROM ME. You will be my VERY FIRST recruit! AND Your business is up to you! … If you just want to order to get the discount GREAT, if you want a business out of this to make extra income, GREAT! Whatever it is I am committed to take the journey with you!

Here’s how you sign up: You click HERE … and sign up! It’s that easy. The starter kit is on sale for $125, and you get FREE Designer Series Paper from now until Dec 2012 with your first Demo order each month.



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