Fall is just a smidge away! BLOG CANDY


Fall is getting SO CLOSE. I have to admit I am not ready for it.  Because fall means Christmas is right around the corner… this is ALL bad, because I vowed to MAKE yes MAKE all yes ALL of my Christmas gifts.  EEKS… Yep kinda biting myself in the butt over that lovely declaration.  Which by the way I made last year after Christmas shopping and spending ridiculous amounts of money!  Anyway, I digress!  Today’s project is a FALL project.  Using our new Orchard Harvest paper.. WHICH I LOVE! It is beautiful and I will be making TONS of projects with it 🙂 

I thought I’d make this cute little holder for my workshop on Sunday.  I made two so I could give one to my hostess with the mostess and use one for a drawing!  

Inside I have samplers of the Orchard Harvest paper and I thought HEY…. I BET YOU WOULD LIKE A SAMPLER TOO… So I am giving away two samplers!  Become a follower of my blog and a you tube subscriber and leave me a comment to be entered to win.

Here’s my video on how I made this cool guy!

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11 thoughts on “Fall is just a smidge away! BLOG CANDY

  1. I love this box. It would make a cute Christmas or Valentine box. Thanks for showing us how to make it, and for the chance to win some fabulous papers too. You're the best!! No, I'm not bribing you, but if you want to take it that way, it's okay with me!! LOL



  2. Well, I actually got the stamp set out that I will use to make my Christmas cards !! I needed to plan the cards I make for the troops (I send 50 each month to a local organization that sends “goodie boxes” every month to deployed soldiers from our county) anyhow ~~ I have to make the cards a month early, so I needed to know what supplies to get. Also if I color the stamp it takes a while !! Their cards are planned out, but I haven't gotten to the personal ones yet. Your plan to get everyone started is great.
    Thanks for sharing your talents !!


  3. Thanks for the chance to win the sampler. Love your videos and blog. Look forward to seeing what you will have each day. Thanks for sharing.


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